President’s Message

All that we have is just stories; Some stories inspire us, some educate us, embarrass us and others make us laugh or cry. However, one should remember that it’s only these stories that are what is left of us when we die. Then why we not communicate our ideas and let our stories be known to others?
As a matter of fact, communicating our ideas is an art that requires practice, polishing and stage time. This is where Gurgaon Toastmasters Club comes into picture. GTMC is one of the biggest and premier community club in Gurgaon that works on the principle of “learn by doing it yourself”; Members deliver speech in numerous form and are evaluated by other members.
GTMC has perpetually maintained the quality of meetings which leads to high conversion rate of guests into members. Hence, this is one of the first clubs in Gurgaon and one of the very few clubs in Delhi NCR to split twice giving rise to the clubs MCTC in 2014 and GOTC in 2016.
GTMC is a recipient of the golden gavel (highest award for a club in district 41) for eight years in a row since it’s inception in 2008. GTMC has produced numerous amazing leaders and communicators. From my time spent in this club, I have realised that this place is a great lobby to help you achieve your ultimate goals because this is the one place that makes you believe more in yourself.
So, if you want to train yourself or learn how to communicate your ideas or share your stories you are welcome as a guest at our venue and once you become a member you will make a few stories of your own in your journey with GTMC.