President’s Message

We as people have been sharing ideas for as long as we have lived. And in this hyper connected world the ability to share your ideas, is the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Some people say that, being a good orator is something ingrained in your personality, but I would differ, as would any Toastmaster. The ability to communicate is a super skill and it can be learned with diligent practice. This is the most fulfilling skill you can learn in your life and you would be ever grateful to have taken this decision.

Gurgaon Toastmasters club (GTMC) is one of the best Toastmasters club in India with a strong legacy now spanning for over a decade. This club has nurtured some of the best communicators, orators and leaders. They are now spreading their wings and changing more lives. Our club has been recipient of the Golden Gavel Award, year after year. It is the highest possible award a Toastmaster Club can be awarded with.

If you want to be the catalyst for change in your life, we are here to give you that nudge. Come visit us as a guest and take that first step, for the rest of your journey in self-development, we will be your travel partners. Hope to see you soon.


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