The day when I started my journey with the Toastmasters Club in (Gurgaon), I was confident but worried about how to face a huge gathering of people. I was comfortable on stage, however, totally unaware about how to use this stage in a better way.

Initially I was in a dilemma about how to choose the right direction in order to move towards my ambition.

But when I joined the sessions of Toastmasters Club which happened to be every Sunday then I started realizing the value of words. I found myself at a better place which was helping me to overcome my anxiety of public speaking.

If you will ask me, I will personally recommend you to join Toastmasters Club if you really want to achieve your goals.

As per the rightly said aphorism, if you have courage to achieve your dreams then no one can stop you.

And with every speech of Toastmasters we move one step ahead towards our dreams.

Today if I remember the day when I came here with a dream to achieve success, I realize that I have enhanced myself in both ways, as a speaker as well as a person.

Every day is a new learning for me and I know that there is much more yet to learn.


After hearing my younger brother rant over Toastmasters, I decided to take the leap and go for one such meeting at the Shri Ram School, Moulsari Avenue. Little did I know, that one such random decision could impact my life a lot.

I still remember my first meeting as a guest, feeling awkward yet welcome at this strange place where people are not afraid to speak their hearts out, not afraid to show their true selves to an audience.

The decision to join was surely a momentous one and it has been quite the journey. From starting as a member, to becoming an associate and then an elected officer. The experience has taught me a lot, from reaching out to all guests, to preparing speeches as election pitch.

It isn’t easy to stand on a stage where you know people are taking note of every single action of yours. But the real magic starts when the recommendations come pouring in. There is not even a hint of criticism but only advice and suggestions. That is what makes such a positive learning atmosphere.

Toastmasters is a place where actually leaders are made because it is more than a club for public speaking. Indeed, public speaking is an important part, but activities such as organising installation ceremonies, outdoor meetings, team building really hone your leadership skills.

Over the past nearly one year at Gurgaon Toastmasters Club, I am proud of what I achieved, and I am grateful to the club and my fellow toastmasters for aiding every bit of it. Apart from changing the way I communicate, I am glad Toastmasters has given rise to some amazing bonds of friendship; forged over barbeques, Saturday nights, lunches and fun meet-ups.